Thursday, 24 March 2011

Credits and Titles shown at the beginning of a film
Whilst creating credits and titles for our groups Thriller opening sequences, we were taught that there is a particular order in which the title and credits for a film appears. Originally I thought the order started with the production company, The Title of the film, The Cast, Music, Costume Designer,Editor and then The Director. Whilst looking at the opening sequence of the opening sequence of the film ' The Taking Of Pelham 1,2,3' I found out the exact order in which both the credits and titles had to go in. 

Below shows the correct order in which the credits and titles have to go in
- The order of the film shows the main characters within the film, the hierarchy of the roles included within the film.
The order of both the Credits and The Titles begins with:
  1. The Film Certificate - The age of which the film is classified for.
  2. The Production Company.
  3. The Distributor/ What they Present
  4. Main Characters/Actors- The Two main characters within the film
  5. Title Of the Film.
  6. More Characters/Actors Name- The remaining cast names
  7. Costume Designer name
  8. Music Producers/editors names
  9. Editors Name - The Film Editor
  10. Story By- The writer of the storyline of the film
  11. Directors Name- Director of the film

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