Saturday, 19 March 2011

Thriller Audiences

What type of audiences attract thriller films?

Thriller audiences consist of people who enjoy being on the edge of their seats as the plot builds up into a climax, provides the thrill of suspense, tension and anticipation.

The viewing ages for thriller films can have an impact on the type of audiences that thriller films attract. This is because most thriller films are rated 18+  so younger audiences are not able to view certain films.The reason for these age restrictions is because certain films contain extreme Gothic/ gore/violence or sexually explicit content which is inappropriate for younger viewers.
Examples of some thriller films rated 18+ include the following: Saw 3D,Se7en, Scar Face, The Shining etc...

Some thriller films are rated 15+. This allows younger audiences the chance to watch thriller films which have an increase of the number of audiences watching thriller films.
Examples of some thriller films rate 15+ include the following: Black Swan, Resident Evil, The Killer Inside Me, Orphan , The Stepfather etc...

Thrillers are generally particularly popular with the under 25's and have a slight female skew. However , it differs as some thrillers have a slight men skew as well. Thriller that is to do with action, or has elements of sci-fi are favoured more by men then women.  The reasons for this is because action thrillers contain a lot of pace,violence, action, explosions.Sci-Fi Thrillers has elements of scientifically imagery and contains a scientific mind behind the thriller. Females on the other hand prefer romance thrillers and although there are not much 'romantic thrillers' they tend to prefer suspense, psychological and passionate murders because, they tend to have an element of lust or romance. 

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