Monday, 21 March 2011

Filming ‘Nameless’ Day 2
My Evaluation:
After filming on the 6th of March our next filming day was on 10th of March. We Filmed in Rosemary Gardens, which was only down the road from our location for the two opening scenes.
In this filming session we filmed the moment Michaela’s character got the phone call. And we also filmed when Milan got her phone call. This didn’t take long and we filmed for a maximum 20 minutes. We got tracking, over the shoulder, medium and close up shots of the characters. We varied the shots as in the editing phase we can link all the shots together to create a thrilling suspenseful scene.
For Michaela’s scene we simply used a park bench, whereas for Milan’s scene we used a Barclays Bicycle. This was an important prop as it portrayed Milan’s characters image very well, in the sense that we professional ‘middle class’ inner city workers use these facilities on their way to work.  And within the film we want to give off the impression the characters are professional workers, and this leads to the audience questioning how and why they got into a violent situation.
Today’s day of filming was very successful and quick and we are now nearing the end point of our filming schedule. We have one remaining scene left which concludes the opening.

Filming Equipment
Two Black Berry Curves
Barclays Bicycle 

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