Sunday, 20 March 2011

Title Sequence Inspiration ‘All of the Lights’
In my free-time I came across a music video by musician Kanye West and the video was directed by Hype Williams. I have viewed a few videos by Hype Williams but this one interested me the most because the titles sequence he uses is really creative in the way it matches the lyrics of the video.
The video starts with a smooth tone of a piano playing, it’s peaceful and a little girl is walking home, at this point everything is in black and white. The viewer is waiting for something to happen at this point. Then a series of colours come to the screen almost alerting us, then the main soundtrack starts to play, the lyrics ‘All of the Lights’ are said then to match this the titles appear with the lyrics coming up and Kanye West’s name. The credits and titles appear on a blank screen; the effect of this is that we can see the credits clearly. I noticed Kanye West name and Hype Williams name were on the screen for about 6 seconds, this is clearly showing us who's song is it and the director of the video. In our thriller the directors name and the name of the film should be on the screen for more time than the other titles, this is because they have a superior role and importance.
Throughout the clip there are flashing lights, the lights support the lyrics in the song and the songs theme. The titles are glowing and very colourful. This allows it stand out against the blank screen.
Overall I believe the video was really creative in bringing out the lyrics and theme of the song.

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