Monday, 28 March 2011

Q.6 Audience Feedback And Comments

Audience Feedback is vital for analysing the success of a project. In this case, the audience gave us feedback from our opening thriller sequence clip. In class, we showed a group of roughly 15 people our opening thriller sequence. They would feed back to us, and outline what they think worked well and how we could improve it. The group who viewed the film were aged 16 to 17. There age directly linked to   the target audience age of the film that is 15 and above. Therefore, this enables us to get a preview of a likely reaction from our target audience.

The majority of the responses were highly positive. Most comments focused around the ‘explosive’ beginning and ‘climaxing’ ending. The responses have shown me that the mise en scene was well used as many people like the props at the ending, furthermore the costumes were effective in making the characters appear older then they were and therefore making the plot and opening more realistic.  
As the director people enjoyed the screen I made the actors do especially the opening when the character struggles for life.

Below are the reactions of the group, I used a program called ‘Wordle’ to present them.

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